FAQ - frequently asked questions

General information about our insects, transportation and packaging as well as our company registration information

Feeding the insects from "fauna topics"

All of our insects are fed before they are shipped and a sufficient amount of dried food is included in their transport packaging. This eliminates the need to feed the insects while they are in transit. It is not necessary to include water in the transport packaging as the insects are able to draw the moisture they need from the air. As the metabolic rate of the insects is lower while they are in transit, adding food to their transport packaging would likely cause them to suffer from indigestion or result in their death.

Order picking and shipment

Our insects are taken from the breeding facility during the day and placed into transport packaging before being prepared for shipment. Transportation generally takes place overnight for next day delivery. High quality, freshness and fast delivery times are guaranteed.


Shipping and transporting our insects is possible at any time as long as this will not result in their inevitable death. Unlike vertebrates, insects can be shipped in outside temperatures under +7°C and above +29°C. When a vehicle from our own fleet is used for transportation, the loading area is cooled or heated to approximately 18°C.

The transport packaging we use varies according to the season and weather conditions. The appropriate packaging is chosen to prevent our insects from becoming hypothermic or overheated.

We recommend that all of our customers take advantage of next day delivery to avoid unnecessarily long transportation times.

Our packaging

All of our packaging is designed exclusively for shipping purposes and short storage periods in pet shops. After being purchased by end customers, the insects should be used as animal food or transferred to a terrarium. If the insects are transferred, they should be appropriately fed. Carrots are the most suitable food source.

Separating recyclables

All packaging used by fauna topics is registered with a partner of the most widespread waste sorting company in Germany (Duales System Deutschland GmbH). This is subject to a licence fee. For recycling to be effective, please separate cardboard and paper packaging from plastic packaging when throwing waste away.

Feed business registration

Our company, fauna topics Zoobedarf, Zucht und Handels-GmbH, is registered as a feed business in accordance with Article 9 of Regulation (EC) no. 183/2005. Regular inspections are conducted by the Kahlsruhe Regional Council, Germany.

Our veterinary authority

The veterinary authority located in the district of Ludwigsburg, Germany, is responsible for fauna topics Zoobedarf, Zucht und Handels-GmbH.